Life Insurance Claim Process

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We strive for the prompt payment of all insurance benefits. To assist us in the timely processing of claim payments, we greatly appreciate your cooperation in making sure all claim forms are completed properly before mailing. Incomplete and unsigned forms will delay processing. 

Payments are mailed directly to the beneficiary, insured, or legal representative with an Explanation of Benefits. The employer will receive a copy of the Explanation of Benefits showing the date and amount of payment. 

Personal Transition Account

If the total amount payable to a claimant is $5,000 or greater, an ING Personal Transition Account will generally be issued for the insurance policy funds unless another settlement option is elected. It is a secure account that earns a competitive interest rate. The funds are accessed by using drafts from a draftbook provided to the claimant. 

A check, rather than the Personal Transition Account, is issued under the following circumstances: 

  • If the proceeds are less than $5,000 
  • If the beneficiary resides in a foreign country 
  • If the claim is for dismemberment 
  • If the beneficiary resides in a state where the Personal Transition Account is not available 

Claim Forms 

Because some states require specific wording on claim forms, the appropriate claim forms must be used. Please contact Risty Benefits at 1-866-237-9411.

What is needed to file...?

A Death Claim

An Accelerated Benefit Claim

An Accidental Dismemberment Claim